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Volleyball Drills to Help Move Feet | SportsRec

Volleyball players have to react quickly and move seamlessly to the area on the court that the ball is heading. This takes anticipation, agility and quick feet. Make sure your players all have a proper volleyball stance and then work on footwork for specific skills. To develop quick feet in your volleyball players, perform agility drills both with and without the volleyball.

Fast feet drill focused on passing and consistency - The Art ...

Purpose: To get players moving their feet and practicing passing tempo balls. How it Works: Three players rotate in a small circle in left front, each passing a ball tossed by the coach who is standing near the middle of the court near the net. The pace is rapid, and after every pass the passer moves several steps to the right and moves once again into the circle.

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Volleyball Footwork Drills - Pakmen Volleyball

Lateral Hop and Hold. Lateral Hop and Hold is the drill that provides a volleyball player with the perfect opportunity to improve his/her ankle strength, balance, stability and, most importantly, footwork. It all begins with preparation. First of all, a volleyball player has to take an athletic position.

Get up, Run and Pass 5 Drills - Volleyball Drills, | Sportplan

Description. Players start this drill on the back line in a press-up position looking at the coach. When the coach self feeds the ball players should get up to their feet and move forward to pass the ball back to the coach before it bounces. After passing the ball back players should run around the cones on the outside of the court and then join the back of the line.

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foot position (base) - feet at least shoulder width or a bit wider. bend at knees, not at waist to keep body and platform beneath the ball shuffle to ball - in moving to where the ball is, shuffle your feet, keeping knees bent and hips/head in a straight, vertical line (not a line that bobs up and down)

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Volleyball Passing Drills to Improve Both Individual and Team ...

Volleyball passing drills are important because if you can't pass, then can't set and hit. Pipeline Passing. The purpose of this volleyball drill is to improve volleyball player lateral movement while forearm passing. This volleyball drill needs two players. Place two dotted lines of the court about 10 feet apart. All passing occurs between these lines.

Encourage fast feet with ‘chase drill’ - The Art of Coaching ...

Instinct VBC. Quickness is a must-have skill in volleyball. In the “chase” drill, a coach lobs the ball to a hard-to-reach place on the court. Players must chase it down and play it back over the net. Along with developing fast feet, this chaotic drill teaches players to sight a target and adjust their platforms so the ball reaches its intended mark.

5 Volleyball Setting Drills | ACTIVE

DRILL DESCRIPTION: partners face each other and stand about 10 feet apart. Set balls back and forth and focus on using proper technique. One partner stands still while setting and sets balls to the right and left of the other player forcing him to move laterally to get to the ball.