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2005 Rome final, Nadal-Coria. 2006 Rome final, Nadal-Federer. 2007 Wimbledon final, Federer-Nadal (most people have already recommended 2008 however this one was almost as good) 2009 AO SF, Nadal-Verdasco. 2009 AO final, Nadal-Federer. 2011 RG SF, Federer-Djokovic. 2013 AO 4R, Stan-Djokovic. 2013 RG SF, Nadal-Djokovic.

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some other high quality matches that are not considered as iconic due to the fact that they arent finals or went 5 sets... 2018 Rafa vs Novak Wimbledon , 2013 French Rafa vs Novak , 2021 French Rafa vs Novak, Djokovic vs Wawrinka 2013 AO 4th round, Del Potro vs Djokovic 2013 Wimbledon SF, Del Potro vs Nadal 2018 Wimbledon QF, Del Potro vs Federer 2009 US Open F

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This came to mind when thinking about how Fed managed to snap Rafa's 81 match win streak on clay. That's an insane example, but I'm talking any interesting ones with a really high quality match. I was also thinking Rublev has had some runs during last few seasons where he wasn't losing much (forgetting if he had that huge of a streak).

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One of the best tennis matches I have ever witnessed! Props to Kerber and S Tormo! WTA. Play. 0:00. 0:00. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts.

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The 21st is Cursed. A nude woman running across the court during a Wimbledon match in the men's final as players Richard Krajicek and MaliVai Washington happily stop to watch the sprinter, 1996. The woman was identified as Melissa Johnson, a 23 year-old who worked at a local cafe. She was let off with a mere warning.

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Djokovic vs Nadal - SF RG'13 - This one is probably the best performance against Nadal in Roland Garros ever eventho Novak ended up losing it. Honorable mention: Djokovic vs Nadal - F RG'12. Their matchup at RG was the match that excited me the most back then..

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level 1. lavta. Op · 4m. Shoutout to u/treesofcinnamon who posted it before, but I know a lot of people complain about the twitter links even though I prefer it myself, so I still posted this one for another version. 1. More posts from the tennis community. 2.0k. Posted by. u/NiceJewishBoi772.

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It depends on how long the peak has to last. Someone like Wawrinka at his best ever can, and has, beaten some other contenders for this title. For longer peaks, it's Djokovic in 2015-2016. That is better than the best (elo) levels reached of Federer (2007) and Nadal (2013).